Separation and Divorce

The breakdown of a marriage or common-law relationship is a stressful time. After separation emotions such as self-doubt, anger, and grief run high. However, it is at this point in time that you must make decisions based on facts and not emotion.

Before making any decisions, consider attending counselling in order to properly deal with your emotions. Oftentimes a person’s first reaction is to hire a lawyer and “fight” their former spouse in court, but it is important to resist the temptation to start court proceedings immediately. A breakdown in a relationship can be complicated. Therefore, it is wise to seek a consultation with a lawyer in order that you can determine your rights and obligations.

Separation is a very difficult time in your life. It is important that you recognize that the emotions will pass and that you will move on with your life. If you maintain a level head, do not let your emotions govern your decisions, attempt to work out a resolution with your spouse, educate yourself on different options available to you, and retain a lawyer who will promote a reasonable settlement, you will survive a separation with both your dignity and finances intact.

At Morneau Family Law Solutions, divorce and separation are treated in a remedial manner. Rather than getting caught up in tedious, time consuming and expensive court proceedings, we lean towards a less hostile process of working together.

Although it has been noted that not all relationships can be restored, thus individuals resorting to separation and divorce, we may still provide options as to work towards the divorce or separation in a more holistic manner.

Once a separation agreement is reached, the next step may be to apply for a divorce. As long as all the issues have resolved, the divorce proceeding itself becomes much more simplified such that you will likely not need to go to court.